Part 2 - The 10 Most Desirable Cars, According to Lisa.

My '10 Most Desirable' list is definitely influenced by much of what I have seen when we attend different car shows, and can see some of these pieces of functional sculpture in-person. Another portion of them is more basic, in that they are long-held dream cars, or financially unattainable influencers to cars I love today. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think. Here we go.

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The 10 Most Desirable Cars

These types of lists come up all the time in different magazines and sites. We're not at all above playing that game. So we decided to share our thoughts. We are curious to see if it will provoke some responses.

There are only 2 rules: 

1. Nothing can be newer than 1985 model year.

2. You've got to be able to put a license plate on it, and drive it on the street. And yes, you can pick the most liberal state laws to define what is considered 'streetable'. Except maybe Texas. We need a line drawn somewhere.

Picking the cars is the easy part. But of you're anything like us, you'll quickly find you've picked many more than 10. Then you have to start culling the list. Conspicuously absent is anything from Lotus, Lamborghini, Maserati. Even the GT40 — on of my all-time favorites — didn’t make the final cut. Tough crowd. It’s like deciding which of your children are to be sold off for scientific experiments...


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