The Iso Rivolta Chronicles

Iso Rivolta was an Italian pioneering automotive brand of the 50s and 60s. It was a family business led by Renzo Rivolta, who, in the late 40s, decided to transform his firm from producing refrigerators to motorcycles.

Rivolta was right. During the 50s, Italian motorcycle production had a boom, led by Piaggio's Vespa, Innocenti's Lambretta and the Iso Moto.

He then changed his business to automobiles. From city cars like the "Bubble Car" Isetta, to luxury sport cars with American V8 engines. Perhaps the most famous model is the Iso Grifo, a gorgeous touring car designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Giotto Bizzarrini at Bertone. When Renzo died, the company went to his son, Piero Rivolta.

Iso Rivolta closed in 1974 .Due to the oil crisis, on one side, and its artisanal approach to production, on the other. The cars were too expensive and the production model was not sustainable anymore against more streamlined production methods.

An Italian Garage - an independent Italian production studio, specializing in automotive videos has created "The Iso Rivolta Chronicles" - an 8-episode story about this pioneering and unlucky brand.

Friend of 95 Customs Edoardo Vojvoda, the director of "Porsche Ferrari Bizzarrini and other fundamental steps in life" is the man behind An Italian Garage. He hopes that this will be a  recurring Web-Series of short documentaries on Italian Classic Car brands, where every season has a single topic. The production is independent and intended to be a yearly production.

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Poster illustration by Elisa Vendramin 

Graphic design by Christian Babuin.

Photography by Alessandro Venier.