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  • E98R Ethanol
  • Gulf MACH 110 Unleaded ethanol-free racing fuel
  • Gulf MACH 116 Unleaded ethanol-free racing fuel

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Gulf's line of unleaded racing fuels.

For race engines that require unleaded fuel; Gulf position’s itself as a leader in the global fuels segment; always sensitive to its history, yet driven by cutting-edge technology. This is particularly true of its unleaded MACH Fuel products, since rather than simply integrating volatile compounds and maximizing aromatics, Gulf chooses to develop new additive products that replaces lead, reduce detonation, and increase lubricity.


Gulf MACH 116 Unleaded - Comes in 5 gallon sealed pails

Gulf Mach 116 unleaded is the ultimate race fuel, period! The Gulf MACH 116 unleaded race gas has no equal in the national brands. Gulf Mach 116 is a true 116 octane (R+M/2) unleaded race fuel that will outperform any leaded fuel up to 118 octane. Gulf Mach 116 is also unique because of the “multi grade” factor: Gulf Mach 116 has massive detonation resistance, yet maintains a tight enough burn to be versatile. This fuel is very easy to tune with, is very popular in drag racing and is right at home in a high compression or high boost 7 second dragster and is just as well suited to the 10 second ¼ mile weekend warrior. Remember, this fuel will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors: Developed using Gulf’s MACH unleaded racing technology, Gulf got the lead out and replaced it with a proprietary additive package that beats the performance of leaded fuels. Now, late model racers designed for unleaded fuels can use a truly high octane fuel that will not damage sensitive catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. This fuel is designed for engines with compression ratios up to 14.9:1. This product is unmatched in quality and performance. There is nothing comparable. Does not contain ethanol or any other oxygenate.  


Gulf MACH 110 - Comes in 5 gallon sealed pails

For Racers Who Run High-Compression, High-Power Engines Requiring 93 Octane or Higher

Unleaded, midrange Gulf fuels offer an alternative to typical 110 leaded products. This is particularly true for engines that integrate oxygen sensor components that could be easily damaged by the introduction of leaded fuels. Gulf products are designed specifically to produce increased explosive velocity leading to better throttle response and resist detonation, while avoiding ethanol entirely. These products are a perfect fit for engines running compression ratios of up to 13:1. Does not contain ethanol or any other oxygenate.